“No rights,” says she “without their duties, No claims on equals without cause.”

The Socialist International will be an oddly named beast indeed if it accepts genocidal parties of the far right as members.


Sarah Franco said...

that is exactly what I thought.

the mere fact that they apply is already a spit on the face of those who cherish the historical ans symbolical legacy of democratic socialism aka social-democracy.

Eric Gordy said...

The only possible benefit here is that if SPS is concerned about its prestige, it might be possible for SI to exert some influence over them.

Sarah Franco said...

many parties evolve from their initial spirit, but in this case I doubt that.

in my blog I have pictures of the youth organization of SPS collecting signatures for a witch hunt against natasa kandic. this was in February, the week following the declaration of independence of kosovo.

if SPS is backed by DS, who already is a member, it will not be dificult to convince many of the members of the SI that they really are social-democrats.

the SI members will be happy that (think) they are supporting the good guys (DS), and that they even managed to convert the former bad guys. Once again the SPS will have no problem in taking what the westerners think are signs of good will for signs of weakness and appeasement.