The Slavoj Žižek prize for highest concentration of invented terminology

Unionists? Sovereignists? The national-democratic elite? Rentiers of the surroundings? Probably Professor Antonić is trying to alter perceptions about whom he is speaking for, but I will offer a delicious prize to anyone who can tell me what he is talking about.

A side note to NSPM: your readers, and especially the sovereignists among them, would like you to find a web host that does not bloom with a thousand pop-up adverts.

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Aleksandar said...

"Naša nacionalno-demokratska elita se umorila. Ona je izgubila viziju. Posle fijaska sa sastavljanjem vlade ona izgleda poraženo i bezvoljno. Možda je došlo vreme da neko drugi proba da nastavi borbu. Možda je došlo vreme za nove ljude i nove ideje. Možda je došlo vreme za – novu elitu?"

A možda je došlo vreme da se sklonite?

So it looks like it "only" took 4 lost wars, over a decade of crippling economic privation, NATO bombing, a loss of territory, an assassination of a prime minister, and yet another farcical nationalist government following that, for Antonic to *begin* considering that there's maybe something wrong with the nationalist course/ideology/paradigm, whatever you want to call it. Fast learners us Serbs, nema šta...

And yet, his conclusion seems to be that this "national-democratic" elite failed because it was nationalist enough or zealous enough. Blago nama...