U Evropu, 200 na sat

I have no doubt that Ivan Gavrilović (where is he now?) and the Fanki Dži dancers will join East Ethnia in welcoming the statement by Austrian foreign minister Ursula Plassnik that it is time to "switch to turbo mode in Serbia’s European reform course." Obožavam tu brzinu. Thanks to AR.


popkitchen said...

koji si ti car....

Who would have taught that such crap can come back into vogue? Last year, I was kept awake all night by the party in the neighborhood in downtown Belgrade, kids (they could not have been more than 16 years old) were getting it on to the music of Ivan, Funky, Djogani, Dr. Iggy ... They seemed genuinely enthralled by it.

How about organizing a party for European Serbia in newly opened Madonna disco in Pozarevac?

Eric Gordy said...

Incredible, I saw that Madona is back. Everything is returning, as drug Mrkonja would say, pre roka. Mnogo pre roka.