Everybody raise a glass to welcome two new letters to the written language -- šj and žj!!!!!!!!


Adam said...

Fantastic, soon I'll officially know 4 languages! Although, I'll have to get my head round these new letters first! ;-)



Aleksandar said...

So are they creating a new character for these combinations? The current alphabet is perfectly able to show these sounds, as the article shows already. Where do they draw the line? How frequent does a sound currently made up of 2 or 3 letters need to be before it gets its own letter?

Eric Gordy said...

Not to put a dark stain on the disussion of comical ideas about language, but of course all this nonsense begins to matter when somebody loses citizenship rights because they fail to pass an exam based on these obscure ideas, or loses other legal rights because of a failure of "translation" between multiple identical languages. That is to say that this is all a way for wannabe intellectuals to wage bureaucratic war against ordinary people.