Rasplet povijesne zbiljnosti

If you hurry, you may be able to order enough advance copies of Vojislav Koštunica's treasury of political speeches to give them as holiday gifts to all of your friends.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest everybody to visit www.yucom.org.rs - Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights issued a book titled "Vojislav Kostunica - A Career" (Vojislav Kostunica - jedna karijera), with a detailed account of Kostunica's political views and ample supporting material.

Eric Gordy said...

That book is kind of a fun read, but I am not certain that I would recommend it. It's a collection of everything the writers could find from any source that makes Kostunica look bad, but lacking a central narrative and inconsistent in its use of sources. There's an entertaining little appendix, an essay on why Kostunica is not a proper Chetnik (that is supposed to be a bad thing). At best, the book might be used a source of hypotheses that the reader could confirm or reject by doing their own research.