Prosecution, defence

The ICTY is bringing contempt charges against the former spokesperson of its former prosecutor, Florence Hartmann, for publishing confidential information.

And the Serbian ambassador in the Netherlands says that the Serbian government will assist in the legal defence of Radovan Karadžić -- presumably the principle here is that the state will assist not only its citizens, but also noncitizens that it promoted, financed, armed and hid.


Anonymous said...

The report on Radovan Stojanović -- currently Serbian ambassador in The Hague -- fails to mention that he was Serbia's agent at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) during the Bosnian genocide case.

The assistance offered by Ambassador Stojanović and his government to the imprisoned Dr Karadžić may have less to do with Serb solidarity (the proposed state subvention of 200 euros a month will not go far if the accused really wants to hire Alan Dershowitz), than with the state's desire to make sure Karadžić will not make any "mistakes" in court that could potentially damage Serbia's interests.

And Stojanović's offer to "provide [Karadžić] with documents" may very well mean: seeing to it that the accused uses the documents he selects and does not use certain other documents.


Eric Gordy said...

It could be an attempt to control him. Just to note quickly, he was ambassador when he argued that case too.