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For three months after he became president of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in October 2000, Vojislav Koštunica refused to dismiss the head of the State Security (Državna bezbednost -- DB) service, Milošević loyalist Rade Marković. As far as I am aware, he has not said why.

Since that time, the number of criminal cases brought against members of the old regime has been small. Undoubtedly there could be any number of reasons for this. Possibly it is a result of a lack of political will. Or maybe it is because of insufficient evidence.

If it is because of insufficient evidence, could this have anything to do with the fact that between October and December of 2000, 11.490 documents, or 35.753 pages of documentation, from the DB central archive were destroyed?

Or do these two facts have nothing to do with one another?

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