In Croatia, Večernjak is reporting that the ICTY fugitive Ante Gotovina is hiding in Ireland. Or Israel, whatever. More sensationalistic reporting indicating that in fact, they do not know.

Meanwhile in Serbia, B92 reports that the government would certainly arrest and extradite Ratko Mladić if they knew where he was, but they don't, except that they know he is not in Serbia. At the same time, ICTY spokespeople assure the public that they know that Mladić is in Serbia, but will not say where.

There has to be some way that all of the people who make a habit of giving public statements accusing other people of knowing what they do not know while demonstrating that they do not know what they claim to know believe that they are promoting confidence in international justice, the institutions they represent, and themselves. Because they would not deliberately present themselves as non-authorial participants in a circus repeatedly over the course of several years, would they now?

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