Diaries from DailyKos

Although I have followed a number of good blogs mostly for entertaining news items, particularly Arts and Letters Daily for interesting thoughts of the day, Jim Romenesko's Obscure Store for unusual news items to annoy my friends with, and Bifurcated Rivets for news of the provocative and strange, my introduction to participatory blogging came from following in and contributing to Marko Moulitsas's popular Daily Kos during the crushingly disappointing 2004 US presidential election campaign.

Kos suggests that people who feel as though they have something to post more than twice a day ought to start their own blogs, so I am giving it a try. In any case, I doubt that I will stop contributing to Daily Kos just because I have started this. But just in case anybody cares to see the diaries that I posted there in 2004, they are archived at this site.

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