November 2004: First pitch

This is the first post on my first blog, and it is anybody's guess how long the energy to maintain this endeavor will be sustained, or whether there will be anything much of interest here to anybody beyond my closest personal circle. What I hope to do here is to maintain a journal, to be updated at least intermittently, on the themes that interest me most. The initial list is not exhaustive, and the items are not in order of priority, but the main themes here ought to be:

--politics and culture in the Balkans
--politics and culture in the United States
--good music and good cooking
--the loves and travels of the Gordy - Ćurčić family
--the joys of academic life

And, of course, whatever else comes to mind.


Eric Gordy said...

This is just a test to see how this comment thing works. Otherwise, commenting on myself only gets me funny looks.

Anonymous said...

okay already, let's see some recipes!!!

Eric Gordy said...

i ovo bjese proba.

Eric Gordy said...

jos jednom, proba.

Eric Gordy said...

Kaži dragička ..... proba!!!!!!!!!!