Call for submissions: Carnival of the Balkans #1

The first edition of Carnival of the Balkans will be coming on 7 February. The Carnival's purpose is to showcase good writing from around the web about the Balkans. The theme for the February 2005 edition is:


Submissions should be in the form of blog or forum posts from anywhere on the internet, published at any time. Please send your favorite posts (your own or another person's) on the topic to Eric Gordy [eastethnia at gmail dot com] by Friday, 4 February. Posts may be in any language, but if they are in a language I do not know I will ask someone else for help.

What constitutes a post about "Balkan music and arts"? The fact that the person who submits it thinks it ought to be considered in that category.

Let the submissions arrive!

Update: You may ask, What is a blog carnival? This might help. Keep the submissions coming!

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