Who's afraid of the inquisitor wannabe?

The Serbian justice minister Zoran Stojković, whose legal reputation is built on prosecuting "political offenders" in the 1980s, has a few old tricks up his sleeve. Today he is quoted as telling a reporter that officials of the previous government are afraid of him, because they know that there are criminal complaints against them in the drawer.

So, how does he know whether people are afraid of him or not? Is this drawer that he is talking about his drawer? If there are criminal complaints, why have they not been acted upon? Or does he gather stuff to keep in his drawer to be pulled out at some opportune moment, along the way vaguely hinting at their existence but not specifying what they are?

This minister who continues to believe that the law is his private property should resign. Or be hounded out. And should certainly be prosecuted. No doubt a criminal complaint against him could be found in a drawer somewhere.

Update: Oh look, DS is going to try to recall Stojković and interior minister Dragan Jočić in the parliament.

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