New! Balkan blog carnival!

This is an idea that was inspired by the awards competition over at A Fistful of Euros (Plug: Feel free to go and vote for East Ethnia if you want to). Basically several people thought that there are enough Balkan blogs, and that there is enough variety in them, that they could be showcased independently rather than as a small subcategory of Europe. As much fun as an awards competition could be, the suggestion won out to begin a Balkan blog carnival. What is a blog carnival? See Science and Politics for a presentation of several of them.

In short: a page has been set up for the Carnival of the Balkans. The first edition will be on 7 February, on the topic of Balkan arts and music. If you want to be an editor of the carnival, send me a note at eastethnia at gmail dot com, and if you want to submit a post for the carnival (yours or someone else's) write to me at the same address.

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