The best Balkan folk in Colorado

Believe it or not, I heard of this group by way of a profile on National Public Radio (NPR), the American network that used to offer much better journalism but still has some of the smartest entertainment programs around. DeVotchKa is a bunch of arty folks from Denver who mix norteño, mariachi, East European Roma folk, and, ah, a whole bunch of other stuff. Think Boris Kovač meets rave-up.

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By all means buy their lovely new CD How It Ends, but in the meantime you can enjoy some samples at their downloads page, including «Such a lovely thing,» «Death by blonde,» and «Dark eyes.»


Yakima_Gulag said...

Yes I got to hear them too! they are SUPER. There used to be a decent Tamburitza group not far from the Gulag, but the war put an end to that because the members lost heart. They were marvelous and they constituted a wonderful introduction to this region of such beautiful music. I saw tham at our local Folklife festival three times each time they showed up which sadly was only two years in a row.

Eric Gordy said...

I want to hear this Algerian Clash thing you mention at your blog!