The glorious cultural revolution

There is an oddly named group out there called Students for Academic Freedom, odd in the semse that its members are not students and they are opposed to academic freedom. It would appear to be yet another vehicle for a fellow known only to longtime dedicated media junkies, the Trotskyist-turned-Stalinist David Horowitz.

One of their activities seems to be collecting denunciations of professors for failing to hold the same opinions as the publicists of the extreme right. I went through the complaints they had compiled hoping to find the names of my friends -- there is only one there, but my compliments to her. The exercise is weakened by the fact that among the things the complainants seem not to have learned at the university are the names of their professors. You could check out their little denunciation archive at the above link, but be warned that what you read will be freaky, and also that you will not be able to read it all since these "students" did not learn how to write HTML code either.

Update: The theocrat really cannot code, so the link above seems to be inaccessible until David Horowitz can find someone who both shares his views and knows how to do anything. That could be a while. But someone else was kind enough to archive the denunciations.

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