That imaginary line, crossed again

It happened before in Novi Sad, and it will continue happening as long as there is so little more than verbal assertion to distinguish DSS from SRS. In the not very SRS-friendly at all Belgrade district of Zvezdara (pazite Hrvati a naročito Hrvatice: tamo živi Petar Luković) the president of the district council, DS delegate Miloš Popović, was removed and replaced by Ljubiša Stojmirović of SRS. Voting to install Mr Stojmirović, according to B92, was a coalition of his own far-right SRS, the wonder-what-they-think-they-are-up-to SDP, the why-bother Pokret «snaga Srbije,» and the currently governing DSS of prime minister Vojislav Koštunica.

Interesting then that a survey from early February shows that 55% people either completely or mostly believe the charges made by Beba Popović, who among other things accused Mr Koštunica of agreeing to protect elements of the former regime as a condition of being permitted to assume the presidency in 2000. What remains uncertain is whether Mr Koštunica is doing this for some gain, or because that is his inclination.

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