The devil rides in on a wheezy arthiritic horse

Once Vojislav Koštunica’s DSS (Demokratska stranka Srbije) was able to form a government with the support of Slobodan Milošević’s SPS (Socijalistička partija Srbije), it was only a matter of time before they made their peace with the more openly fascist wing of the Milošević regime, Vojislav Šešelj’s SRS (Srpska radikalna stranka). That finally happened today, when DSS joined forces with SPS to elect SRS deputy Zoran Vučević president of the municipal assembly of Novi Sad, B92 reports.

Popular wisdom says that you don’t need to know much to do good politics, just the difference between good and evil and the ratio of ends to means. And an old popular song says: which side are you on, boys?

Update, 30 November: It looks as though DSS has actually responded. B92 is reporting that the Novi Sad city DSS organization has been disbanded and placed under receivership by the national party. This is a rare and welcome show of spine on the part of DSS. It does not, however, change the makeup of the municipal assembly, since its members are elected.

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