B92: Reactions to the attempt on Tadić

B92 is running an item giving the statements of various political figures to the attempt on Serbian president Boris Tadić. Some quotations (my translation):

Dragoljub Mićunović, DS: "After vulgarity comes verbal aggression which is already today being expressed by some leading people from The Serbian Radical Party, and some others as well. Then comes physical violence, and after that the road to liquidation is open. We will probably see all that happen, but this should disturb everybody who remembers and should mobilise the public to maintain its defence of freedom and right in this country."

Bojan Pajtić, president of the Executive Council of Vojvodina: "History is repeating itself in the most tragic way, and Serbia cannot allow a repetition of March 2003. I think that would mean losing the last chance this country has to join the European family of nations and the civilised world. Now it is clear that the campaign which is being led against president Boris Tadić is very similar to the campaign which was led against the premier of Serbia who was murdered. The campaign was organised by the same people, sychronised through the media, and resulted in a terrible event."

Tomislav Nikolić, SRS (comments summarised by reporter Vesna Dobrosavljević): Nikolić says that at this time he does not have evidence which would allow him to say whether there was an attack or not. he says that some things are not clear to him, that is, how it is possible that Tadić's security detail did not manage to remember more than two numbers of the licence plate of the attacker's car. Nikolić asked what the president of Serbia was doing at nine in the evening and why he was not at home.

Zoran Anđelković, SPS: "I see no reason for all this excitement due to the alleged attack on Tadić when a few months ago we already had statements from some individuals who claimed that attempts were being prepared against them."

Dragan Kojadinović, minister of culture (comments summarised by unnamed reporter): This event seems to him to be a show of force and the power of these people, because they are perfectly well aware that an attack on an armored car is not so easy to carry out. They just wanted to demonstrate that they are powerful again and that they are returning to Serbia.

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