Legionary letters

Vreme magazine has come across four letters written by Milorad Luković-Legija, with an analysis by Miloš Vasić. It makes for interesting reading, as the letters lay out the main elements of thinking of people who remain loyal to the kind of "left-right" rhetoric that regimes like the one headed by Milošević used. The letters were written to former US Ambassador William Montgomery and to Serbian politicians Velimir Ilić, Slobodan Vuksanović and Miroljub Labus. If I find time over the next few days, I may translate a couple of them, or some part of Vasić's analysis.

Update: My translation of Legija's letter to William Montgomery, then US ambassador in Belgrade, is here. Short summary: he complains about the way he is portrayed in the media as an ideological mercenary, then offers his mercenary services with an ideological rationale.

Update 2: I've now also translated the letter to Velimir Ilic, a populist politician. Looked at beside the Montgomery letter, it does become clear that Legija writes differently for different audiences! Narrowcasting, they call it. The translation is here.

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