When it rains it pours

Also reported on B92 today, death threats have arrived against federal president Svetozar Marović. The text of a letter received by Marović's office reads (my translation): "You dared to ask for Ratko Mladić and because of that we will engage Legija's people to make you, divider of Montenegro from Serbia, pay with your head. You will be rubbed out because of the Hague."

On 24 November, B92 reported that a group called the "Serbian Patriotic Organisation" had sent a death threat against Serbian president Boris Tadić and foreign minister Vuk Drašković to the Serbia and Montenegro embassy in Vienna.

Those patriots must be mighty patriotic, sacrificing themselves in Vienna where their EU-standard paychecks are issued and signed by people who hate them so much. Just as much as they are courageous, sending anonymous threats to public figures, in which they threaten to pay for the services of other people to do dirty work. One can see that they are deeply motivated by a profound commitment to national virtues.

The code of the Marović letter: "Legija" is the nickname of Milorad Luković, the chief suspect in the murder of Serbian prime minister Zoran Đinđić in 2003.

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