Prediction of light posting

The chronic computer problems that I thought had been resolved have returned. Apple is promising me a new hard disc, but in the meantime posting here will be fairly light. It would certainly be nice if this takes care of the problem!


T K Vogel said...

So sorry to hear, Eric -- both because of posting and because of the little Mac. I've heard that the iBook isn't the most reliable machine, and you know the law of nature that once things start going wrong, they tend to go wrong big time (ok, everything with "tend" in it can't really be a law, but never mind). My wife's TiBook has been in heavy use for four years without any problem, and my own AlBook for two years, also no problem. Both are desktop replacements, so they're on between 14 and 16 hours, seven days a week... Anyway, good luck and be back -- you've become part of my morning routine (replacing the second cup of coffee).

Eric Gordy said...

Oh no! I've been ruining your coffee!
But yeah, I'm hoping that this repair does the trick. It seems to me that the disc was the problem all along, but that it took this much time for Apple to be persuaded of this. But we will see! What worries me is that if the machine is not fixed before summer, I will be in a land where Mac repair and parts are hard to come by.
But it's kind of fun in the apartment now--Ivana and Azra and I are having to constantly armwrestle over who gets the computer.

Anonymous said...

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Eric Gordy said...

I added Bljesak, thank you!
There will be more additions to the links and some other revisions once Apple gives me my poor little sick computer back.