Tracking the journalistic threat

News is already pretty widespread in the US about the Bush administration paying journalists to offer opinions, and in one case, it seems, even hiring a dubious character to come to press conferences disguised as a journalist in order to ask Mr Bush planted questions. The cocktail of political conspiracy and gossip is lots of fun, really.

But there is no reason for the EU candidate countries to lag behind! That must be why Croatia's Protuobaveštajna agencija (POA) has put so much work into following the tracks of Globus editor Igor Alborghetti.

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Apparently their original purpose was to show that Mr Alborghetti was a French spy. It turns out he was not, but did you know that with a bit of rearrangement and altering only one letter SZUP can be changed to SPUŽ? Suspicious! They did, however, find that he had a conviction for a very minor drug offence in 1986. Surely this knowledge contributed greatly to the maintenance of public order.

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