We are all (not) Maradona

Emir Kusturica explains to Novosti what he has in mind for the documentary he will be filming on Diego Maradona:

«I want, for all time, to find and to return on film the true idea of Maradona. If that idea is lost now, because of the scandals that have followed him, with the filmic confrontation of his his former life with what Maradona is now, I will try to create anew or return the myth of him.»

And why should anyone believe that true ideas come from anything other than myths? Are there any particular myths that Mr Kusturica has in mind? He tells us, enigmatically:

«in Latin America Diego Maradona is a god to whom everything is forgiven. While here, there does not exist even one hero who is forgiven...»

He wouldn't have any particular heroes in mind.

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