News flash: Second World War ends

The grandsons of Četnik leader Draža Mihailović and Partisan leader Josip Broz Tito are set to meet over the same table where their grandfathers met in 1941, sit and shake hands, symbolically making peace between the two movements, reports Večernje novosti. In the words of Joška Broz:

«Let's leave aside what was and who left what to whom. We have reached the bottom, and now we have to make a state that will allow this people to live. Let's come to our senses, and if they are asking me to reconcile, I am happy to do everything that I can.»

Vojislav Mihailović has also confirmed that he will come. No word on whether šumadijski čaj will be served.


Anonymous said...

"Tito's grandson".

Hm. IMS Tito had something like 15 or 16 kids, most of them... ah... "natural".

He wasn't particularly attached to any of them AFAIK, though I welcome correction.

Doug M.

Eric Gordy said...

I only know of the two sons, Zarko and Misa. Joska is Zarko's son.
There is that business of his being mother and father to us all, but most people I know don't look a bit like him.

Anonymous said...

Well, the Titoville site (which is well worth a look in its own right) lists... umm... 16 kids by 15 different women.

Some of those stories are dramatic enough to be apocryphal (twins, hm), but there's not much question that he was a big ol' dog.

Doug M.

Eric Gordy said...

Ah, that... maybe some of it is true. He did have a reputation for spreading a bit of the old brotherhood and unity.

coturnix said...

Ah, jedna je majka....