A bit better?

I've messed with the colors a bit. To anybody's satisfaction, by any stroke of luck?


coturnix said...

My motto: simpler the better. Which means that this is much better than the yesterday's moldy-greyish skin.

(I am still laughing about the bluz)

Anonymous said...

It is much better! As COTURNIX said, the simpler the better. The colours are in good contrast and combination and there is no wasted space on the sides.Your entire family is rejoicing because this is a more attractive home-page to look at.
Azra & Ivana

cicciosax said...

Bello, Eric :-)

Eric Gordy said...

Thank goodness people like it! Because now I can't change it, since I will never remember how I made it look like this.

For anyone who is interested, though, there's is a page of neat CSS tricks provided by Mandarin Design of Sacramento at this address:


Me, I'm just happy if I try something and the computer doesn't explode.

Yakima_Gulag said...

I hear you there Gordy! By and large though computers don't explode, but remembering how you got your computer to perform certain trix can be fun....NOT!