Note: The pljeskavica on every streetcorner is better

And probably healthier. Which may be why the McDonald's corporation is reduced to offering popular hiphop artists 5 USD for each instance in which a song of theirs mentioning their Big Mac product is played.

It is an offer that can be refused, of course, but it is also hard not to wonder whether Mickey D will shell out the five bucks regardless of the context in which their product is invoked.

The initiative is probably an effort to increase sales by attracting the attention of people in those age groups who prefer that type of music (I know, great insight, do I get that degree in marketing now?). Kafedzije of smaller size still have resort to the older and possibly less reliable method of making good food.

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DoDo said...

A pljeskavica with ajvar, mmmhhh!... Couldn't eat one in a year.