Today back on your computer screens, tomorrow in your heads

Well, then! We are just back from spreading Ethnian joy in Milano, Forlì, Verona, Venezia, Trieste, Ljubljana and Belgrado, an intensive two weeks but probably much better than staying at home would have been. Today I expect to take a few hours unpacking, rescuing poor Lajoš from his domestic doggie exile, getting some items to fill the kitchen, and coming back to consciousness. Boston is as gray and rainy as expected, but our apartment was gloriously cleaned in our absence! Quelle raskoš! Normal posting, then, to resume eveningward unless we all collapse in exhaustion.


Fabrizio said...

Welcome back!
Fabrizio (from Milan)

Seesaw said...

Welcome back! Waiting for your posts!

Eric Gordy said...

Fabrizio, nice town you got there!