Obligatory periodic Ceca post

Poor Svetlana Raznatovic wanted to give concerts to her adoring fans in Australia and Canada, but has been left hanging like an apple on a branch. The flower of the Canadian consular service is nagging her for "an interview with the singer for security purposes, likely because she was married to Zeljko Raznatovic," reports the Toronto Sun, whilst the Australian government says that in denying her a visa "her application was treated like any other," according to the Melbourne Herald. Her Canadian immigration lawyer is dismayed, saying that Ceca is "the biggest thing since Britney Spears." But he must not have seen her recently, she is much bigger.

Thanks to loyal reader AR for the tip.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's insane. I bought her CD last week because a friend recommended it. I dig the CD, and I just now found out about all the craziness that surrounds her!

Chip said...

I only wish I'd bought the video of her wedding and svadba when I could have!!