Call for submissions: Carnival of the Balkans #3

Another month has gone by, and so it is time for one more Carnival of the Balkans, the periodic collection of the most informative, telling, amusing or otherwise good Balkan blogging.

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If you are from the Balkans, write about the Balkans, have visited the Balkans, or have dodirne tačke of any Balkanic sort, send your submissions to me by Thursday, 14 April at eastethnia at gmail dot com, replacing the ats and dots with the appropriate symbols. The carnival will be posted here and at the carnival archive site on 18 April (that's three days later than promised, since I will be running off for a delightful weekend in New York).

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coturnix said...

Hey, Eric,

My computer is kaputt - I can post but not see my blog on this old machine, so just feel free to swipe something you like for the Carnival.