Swiss movement

Well, yes, this one is a bit old, from 2001. But still, thanks to the mysterious Mr Teekay for sharing it.

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The map is certainly as good as the USA Today map that The Glory of Carniola shared in February. Perhaps I should point out that the CNN that produced this map is not the very fine Croatian blog but some obscure American television outlet.

Update: Goodness gracious, Carniola has another.


DoDo said...


As Carniola's latest example shows, geographic illiteracy is not an exclusive US problem.

In fact, when I went to school in Germany, I was the only one in the class who could show on a blind map where Böhmen (=Bohemia =Czech Republic) is.

And when a relative of mine was exchange student in Southwestern France, once he and the host family were watching the weather forecast on TV, and the father jumped up, proudly declaring he knows where Hungary is - and pointed to neighbouring Switzerland...

DoDo said...

Also, if you want to test your geography knowledge here - playing darts with European capitals -, watch out - you have to re-learn some, especially Athens, Brussels and Vienna...