This week's favorite music links

Not that I have music links to share every week! But I have come across these in the past several days.

The Modena City Ramblers: It includes news and photos, and a few songs to share in the "Multimedia" section.

Do jaja: Follow the alphabetical links at the top and find tons of slow-downloading mp3 files, some of them good.

Obojeni program: Everything about the finest Novi Sad band this side of Pekinška patka, including 12 or so music downloads.

Darkwood dub: Strictly for lovers of Flash animation.

Boris Kovač: Do have a look at his "poetical CV."


cicciosax said...

Oddio i modena city ramblers, no! ehheeh
(I will be back in the weekend, finally!)

Eric Gordy said...

I hope you will like the rest of the stuff. I'm especially fond of Boris Kovac, but sadly, he didnt put up any tunes.
We will cook uo a big burek this weekend to welcome you back to the net!

Yakima_Gulag said...

the linx for 'Do Jaja' and for 'Odbojene Program' did not function properly, the first timed out and the second would not play tunes more than a second, before giveing me a bunch of incomprehensible error messages. pity, because I bet the music is good.

Eric Gordy said...

Hm, maybe try with a different browser?
I think that some of Boris Kovac's albums (my favorite is "The last Balkan tango") can be bought through Amazon. The publisher, B92, is also advertising a 99 cent song service, but I haven't tried it out.