Legend to legend

I just posted below on Cane. I couldn't think of anything clever to do with Nezavisne novine's interview with Bata Životinja. And what do I run across but Krsto Radulović and his 1968 Fića.

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Mr Radulović explains the mystique of the Fića in his story of meeting a person who wanted to buy his fine machine: "A lad from Belgrade asked 'whose car is this?," and I told him it's not a car but a Fića. 'Would you sell it,' but I told him it is not for sale. But I asked how much he would give for it. He said, 'I would give you five thousand marks.' People started nudging me, telling me 'for God's sake, you could buy a Golf for five thousand marks.' I said 'It's not about that. It's a higher principle'."

Also, they can be parked just about anywhere.


coturnix said...

Ahh, the car that taught me how to drive...or so I thought...until I got in a real car!

Yakima_Gulag said...

I wish i had a picture of the little blue Zastava that was rusting away in the village, by the garage of someone who never is there, and the one that was in the tree at the border crossing at Metkovic, there is something creepy about a car, which a tree grew through and which is some twelve feet in the air.