Soliciting advice from my esteemed readers

The occasional bouts of erratic behavior from Blogger have me thinking about whether I ought to move East Ethnia to a different host. At one point I set up a page at Blogsome (you can peek if you like, but you won't find much there), but there are a couple of drawbacks, including no easy way to transfer the archived posts and comments and, it seems, no Unicode, which would mean none of the fetching letter Ž.

So my question to you is first of all whether you think this is worth doing, and if so what host you would suggest. My criteria are:

✩It has to be free. I don't make any money off of this, so I won't spend any either.

✩There has to be a way of transporting the existing archive that even a Luddite like me can handle.

✩The more technophobe-friendly the interface, the more interface-friendly the user.

Advice, horror stories, opinions?


coturnix said...

Blogger is infrastructure. They HAVE to shape up.

Eric Gordy said...

Looks like you're right, or at least it has started acting normally again. So no moves for now, which is a relief. Also, the people who wrote me notes used everything from convenience to calls to Luxembourgeois patriotism to persuade me against it.

Yakima_Gulag said...

I have yet to find a blog site where it is easy to simply post pictures from your own computer files, what is with this Hello, Flikr, Hello Kitty Hello Kitty Litter and Picasa Picas should be called pickasa! I'm sick of being jerked around when I want to do simple online stuff, I don't put stuff in live journal anymore either. actually if it were really a blog site, freewebs has some minor advantages, like being able to post pictures from your hard drive, but it's become very erratic of late. I had several times here an update was a major nightmare.
then there is bringing in your archived stuff and putting it in like it used to be too. That is a major pain too. If you aren't great at computers but at least competant, this should not all be such a damn nightmare!
Blogspot has one strong advantage, that it's fairly easy to do multiple blogs, this is nto doable on livejournal for example.