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Maybe by now everybody has seen this label, but since I ran across it again at Dr Vino's wine blog, why not share it again:

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I seem to vaguely recall a news article about the label, in which the president of the clothing manufacturer said he was sure that the workers who designed the label must have been thinking about him.


Fabrizio said...

Do you know any Italian product sold in USA, saying something similar about Berlusconi?

Eric Gordy said...

Only the newspapers and magazines!

Anonymous said...

The translator was my exgf. (She's Quebecoise.) We're still in occasional contact. She was referred to the company by a (different) exbf. It's all very Kevin Bacon.

The label thing was very deliberate, and it's been a pretty good success -- they saw a huge surge of publicity, and a smaller (but still noticeable) bump in sales.

Doug M.