A royal wedding in East Ethnia

Forget Charlie Hanover and whoever it is, or Jennifer Lopez and whoever it is this time. East Ethnians have their own celebrity wedding to fete. The Godfather who makes you an offer you cannot understand, Slavoj Žižek, travelled to the global capital of psychoanalysis, Buenos Aires, to find his bride. He met Analía Hounie at a lecture he gave at the Argentine National Library in 2003, and they were married on 6 March of this year. The photos and two tabloid articles can be found at The Wrong Side of Capitalism.

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What makes me happiest about being able to report on Mr Žižek and the new Mrs Žižek is that now that I have my computer back I can once more use the letter Ž. Thanks to cultural anthropology king Marko Živković for the link and the tip.


Yakima_Gulag said...

ooooooooj this is one of those 'How Eurotrash Can You Be?' moments! Great picture!

Eric Gordy said...

Did you check the comments on the original post (follow the link above the photo)? My favorite:

"Any truth in the rumour that Keith Richards wants to hire him to stand next to him at all times, to make himself look healthier? "