Dokaz da je Rendőrségska država

Adam has made an interesting find. It looks like the SRS riots were so disappointing, that in order to provide sensational coverage CNN had to beef them up with footage from riots in another place at another time. Since nobody who follows CNN knows any languages or ever goes anywhere, nobody would ever notice, right?


Anonymous said...

The Budapest Times has some further details, including a response from CNN which blames AP television for sending them footage from the wrong riot.


ida said...

CNN also broadcasted, during the Bosnian war, a Serbian Orthodox funeral for Serbian children, as a funeral for Bosnian Muslim children. CNN carefully cropped out the priest in the rebroadcast of footage which had earlier been shown on French TV. Perceptive viewers recognized the Christian symbols and Orthodox recognized the Orthodox priest.

It was just one of many CNN lies in which Serbian dead were claimed to be Muslims or Croats.

Eric Gordy said...

So flattering, my very own troll!