Albanian cuisine in Boston!

I ran across this completely by chance, but it seems that there is an Albanian restaurant in Boston! We have yet to try it, but Café Apollonia offers a full Albanian menu prepared by chef Marlon Hysi. It has positive reviews by the Boston Phoenix, the Boston Globe and CitySearch. I hope to be able to report back full agreement with the reviews in the very near future.

Sad update: After assiduous persuasion my family agreed to try Apollonia tonight. It was hard to get there because there was a terrible fire at a church in Jamaica Plain along the way. Any curious readers thinking of trekking to Roslindale to try what I am sure is an excellent place may want to know that they work every day except Tuesdays. I do promise a culinary report.


Anonymous said...

it's kind of cute that Cafe Apollonia is located at 146 Belgrade Avenue, don't you think...? :)


Anonymous said...

That is cute... We do promise to try the place and report back, by the way!

Eric Gordy said...

Oop, clicking error. That anonymous person was me. In disguise.