That periodic "housekeeping" post

Some new sites were added to the link list in the past week or so:

Canada foreign policy: Stan Markotich's analyses of world politics
Christopher Lydon: The works of America's best radio interviewer
David McCandless: Journalism and satire from the Guardian contributor
Heart of Europe: Nicholas Whyte on European politics and culture
Pastoralni kupus: Živciranje zbog glupih političara (35,89%)
Skelly Wright: Tribulations and trials of a public defender

A couple of others were removed from the list, not because I do not like them, but because now that the US elections are far behind, those sites which are primarily concerned with the Democratic party and its future are not so interesting, and probably will not be unless by some huge surprise the Democrats begin to show some signs of life. Basically the only sites that are remaining in the "US politics" section are ones that I actually read every day.

The "Balkan blogs" list continues to grow, but it remains thin in blogs from Serbia, Albania and Macedonia.

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