A protest idea I am not certain about

Actually I am not certain whether this is a protest or something else. But it seems that since the war in Iraq began, in the German city of Bayreuth, somebody has been has been decorating the doggie droppings ("puppy poop," in the report by Deutsche Welle) that visitors leave with little American flags. I imagine the sort that get stuck into the top of ice cream concoctions, but I really do not want to spoil anybody's dessert. Parks administrator Josef Öttl is also not sure, and guesses "Maybe someone is protesting the war in Iraq or just trying to let people know that there are too many dog droppings in the park." A police spokesperson points out that placing flags in puppy poop is not a criminal offence.

If indeed the gesture is meant as a protest, its effectiveness is probably open to question. Another question remains: are war supporters less likely to clean up after their dogs?

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