This week's commentary by Svetlana Lukić

Svetlana Lukić is not sparing any rhetorical ammunition. In this week's commentary she turns her attention to the Serbian government, which has brought negotiations with the EU to a standstill because of its equivocal approach to the question of treatment of accused war criminals. She turns up the heat on Mr Koštunica:

"There is no longer any point in mentioning the prime minister, unless somebody initiates a disciplinary hearing or a criminal complaint against him. That man should be fired, since he has been absent from his job for months, and should be made to answer criminal charges, because his government is violating the law of the country in the most heavyhanded way, beginning with the fact that it cooperates with people who have been charged with crimes and protects them from the law. In a word, Koštunica should be fired, and the same day he should be brought in for interrogation and held. Let history judge him for treason."

Well, now! Her editorial has sparked a debate in the readers' comments section, where responses range from "Bravo!" to charges that Ms Lukić wants to establish a dictatorship and has the "typical profile of an ideological journalist born for a single-party system." One thing that the heated exchange shows is that in the wake of the decision by the US and the EU to make the point that continued inaction on war crimes has a price, political discourse is not remaining untouched.

A word of caution is due: the comments section of B92 is not a representative sample of the Serbian population, so a wider range of responses will probably not be available to people who follow events virtually until Saturday or Sunday. And I'll be away for the weekend, so you're on your own.

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