Revenge of the mad doctor

Not only the fear that somebody might ask me for emergency medical assistance, but also the appearance of all those titled zlikovci in politics (not to mention evangelicals!), have pretty much dissuaded me from using the title "Dr" for any but official purposes. But this does not prevent me from taking a voyeuristic interest in the description, now up to eight installments in Nezavisne novine, of Dr Karadžić by Dr Plavšić. She has a reason to characterise her own role as minimal, since her defence at ICTY relied on arguing that she never had any proper authority. But the bits here are really pretty fascinating: Dr K never informed Dr P about meetings; Dr K falsified minutes of meetings, Dr K has been sending incriminating forged transcripts to ICTY from his place in hiding. But apparently Dr P got to exercise some authority over Arkan, who was not even a doctor. Nurse your desire for further installments, the paper is publishing a new excerpt every day.

Update: An article by BBC gives a few quotations in English translation, s'il vous plait. There's a little bit more in Reuters.

Update2: Thanks to AR for the tip. In today's Danas there is an article on the presentation of the book in Banja Luka (go to the "Hronika" page). The first interesting detail is that the manuscript was brought out of Sweden by Milorad Dodik. But there is also a long quotation from the book about Karadžić's adoration of Milošević. As I am reading more from the book, though, it becomes increasingly clear why she is trying to put everything on Karadžić and present herself as, what her defence lawyer once called her, an "ikebana."

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