Democrats, your pulse is silent again

I found this surprising, to say the least. I sent a letter to my senator -- John Kerry, a fellow you may have heard of -- urging him to oppose the nomination of torture advocate Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General of the United States. Here is the response I got back:

January 6, 2005

Thank you for contacting me concerning the nomination of Alberto Gonzalez as Attorney General of the United States. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

I am closely following the nomination hearings of Mr. Gonzales. I have several questions that I want answered, including his role in shaping the Administration's policy on detainees and how that may have contributed to prisoner abuses. The hearings currently underway will allow us a better understanding of Mr. Gonzales' record, so we can make an informed decision on his nomination to be Attorney General when it is considered by the full Senate.

Thank you again for sharing your opinions with me. I encourage you to contact my office with any additional concerns.


John F. Kerry
United States Senator

So let's get this straight. The leader of the party of opposition is confronted with a candidate whose main contribution to the country has been to approve gross violations of human rights. And he hasn't made up his mind??? I would respond, but I have been able to avoid using obscenities on this site so far.

Pfuj. I'll let you know how Kennedy responds.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the purpose of a hearing to hear both sides?

Eric Gordy said...

You may have a confirmnation hearing confused with a trial.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested. If you don't want Gonzales to be confirmed by the Senate link the phrase tortured logic to


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