Mr López, white courtesy telephone

That crafty Augusto Pinochet, whose health seems to deteriorate suddenly every time he is served with a subpoena, has apparently been up to activities other than adjusting his IV in the periods in between. According to a report in El Nuevo Herald, investigative judge Sergio Muñoz has also discovered that he had four forged passports under various names, and bank accounts in several countries in addition to the $16 million USD he had stashed away in a bank in the United States.

As for the bank accounts, it seems he held some under his own name, some under his initials, and some under his second surname Ugarte. Some of them he held under the name "Red Fox." And the US accounts, it seems, were held under the name Daniel López.

The great Argentine cartoonist Horacio Altuna should be outraged at the use that has been made of his signature character.

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