Housekeeping again: New links

Just a quick post to bring attention to the new links that have been added since, um, the last time I put up a post like this:

Burekeaters: Pan-Balkan, just how me piace.
Centralni komitet: Sto ce nama tudjinske rijeci?
Kako odgojiti kravu: Don't dried bananas cost more than fresh ones?
Noga filologa: Language, literature and things that spin around them.
Roma Roma: Football and Balkan history, yes!
Tajni grad: “Kratki zapisi o stvarima.”
Teekay: Balkan politics, intellectual history and Macintoshes.
Berlin sprouts: European politics and culture from Ulrich Buechsenschuetz.
Tom Engelhardt: Commentary from the social critic and novelist.
Chez Nadezhda: Mostly Asian and US politics, but that is not all.
Unfogged: Oh look, smart people with attitude.

If I have forgotten your site, let me know! I’ll fix it.

The next big addition to the right side of the page will be a listing of news sources, to be prepared the moment I get around to it.


cicciosax said...

Grazie assai, Eric, for the compliment :-)

Eric Gordy said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks to you, I have discovered some very interesting blogs! This was very good idea!

Eric Gordy said...

Quod, think of it as a small return on the favor of all the people who have given me such good things to read (instead of doing my work).