Trouble with labels

According to the Boston Phoenix, a restaurant in my neighborhood may or may not have some difficulty with its name. The Tsunami sushi bar might need to do some of what in a distant land was once called "rebranding." Mike Miliard's article quotes the owner, John Wu:

"Still, Wu — who’s originally from Taiwan and, thankfully, doesn’t know anyone affected by the disaster — was naturally concerned that the eating public might react adversely to the new connotation of his restaurant’s name. 'That’s exactly what I was worried about since the occurrence on Sunday, that my name would now suddenly become a bad rap. But actually, that hasn’t happened so far.' Even so, he says, 'there have been three individuals — one was my customer and two others were pedestrians — mentioning that now the word tsunami is associated with this big destructive image [and] that perhaps we should change the name. Although that does not represent a majority of my clientele, it does make me think.'

"But he’s not ready to take drastic action quite yet. 'Of course, changing a company’s identity is extremely difficult,' Wu says. 'We’re a small, family-run restaurant. For the last three and a half years we have established quite a nice reputation for ourselves in a mega-city for sushi bars — there are 14 in Brookline alone. From my perspective right now, things are still okay. Right now, I don’t see the impact. But if I do, then I have to seriously consider marketing myself otherwise.'"

It is a perfectly nice place that we have been to a few times. Although of the neighborhood places, most of the family prefers Takeshima.

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