Dragan Dabić in the literature

Where did Radovan Karadžić get his pseudonym? From the examination of police officer Dragan Jašović by prosecutor Geoffrey Nice before ICTY, an excerpt:

"Dragan Babic [sic], and Srecko Dogandzic's office, I saw a

25 civilian male Albanian, aged about 20, lying on the blue carpeted floor

Page 40820

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English transcripts.

Page 40821

1 without his shoes on. Dragan Babic [sic] was sitting on his legs and

2 remained there when I walked in. Srecko Dogandzic had a baton in his hand

3 and he froze when he saw me, he was standing behind Dragan Babic and it

4 was obvious that he had been beating the young man's bare feet. Dragan

5 Jasovic was in a crouched position at the guy's head with his hands either

6 side of the young man's head, it was if he had let the guy's head go when

7 I entered the room. Radomir Mitic was standing by the desk and he froze

8 when I entered the room.

9 "Jasovic stood up --" Sorry. "Dragan Babic [sic] and Dragan

10 Jasovic stood up. As Babic got up --" Dabic, I beg your pardon. I'm

11 misreading it. "As Dabic got up, he practically stood on the young man's

12 genitals and went over and stood by the wall. Dragan Jasovic was wearing

13 a button down cardigan-type sweater which was open, and as he stood up, he

14 stood on the right-hand side of his sweater, which caused him to slightly

15 lose balance."

16 Now, do you remember an incident with Dragan Dabic, Srecko

17 Dogandzic, and a young man who was being beaten?

18 A. Dragan Dabic and Srecko Dogandzic worked with grand larcenies and

19 theft. That was their area of work.

20 I'm not aware of this case at all. And I never wore a pullover.

21 I always wore a jacket. I am not aware of this case at all. I wore polo

22 shirts or T-shirts in summertime.

The testimony took place in June 2005. We still do not know when Karadžić began using the pseudonym.


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Eric Gordy said...

That's totally not him.

Anonymous said...

what's exactly is your theory. there are two different family names that to a foreigner sounds similar but r in fact different...
u obviously dont speak serbian, so what's ur theory?

btw- am so happy that this is over with so that u guys, foreigners, who know sh*** about serbia, cant stop using us to show how 'smarth' u r...go build ur career some place else..

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Niste pažljivo čitali transkript, anonimni burazeru moj.

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Agree with poster about foreigners talking crap about Serbia. Apparently everyone's an expert now. Please don't tell us about Tito's time as if you were there.

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Wow Eric, sorry to see you have to deal with crap commentary.

This is pretty interesting - this suggests that he borrowed the pseudonym to, in his own way, poke fun at westerners, right?


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I've seen a couple other pieces of speculation on the pseudonym, which include: someone from Ruma (either a dead army reservist or a live farmer) whose documents were stolen; a character from P. Kocic, and a reflection of Karadzic's navodni obsession with Jewish identity.