This was passed on by a reader in the comments last night (see below) but I was too tired to follow it up. Interesting little bit of speculation / conspiracy theory. Was the source of the information that led to the arrest of Karadžić none other than -- Ratko Mladić?

The way the story goes, Mladić is negotiating the terms of his own surrender, wants to avoid being tried, and passed on what he knew about his former co-conspirator to soemone, possibly the German intelligence agency BND.

It's all very interesting, though the article is short on detail and a bit rambling. According to my sources, Mladić is living under an assumed identity and working as an alternative pedicurist in Kuršumlija.

On the other hand, the more I look at the article, the more it looks like it was planted there, and not by a person skilled in feng shui.


Daniel Durini said...

Hello Eric,

the stories about this conspiracy theory are all over the german media just as well, as an example:


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Eric Gordy said...

Oh, darn it. Anyone out there read tedesco?

richard de boer said...

Yes I do. The first source appears to be the German daily Tagesspiegel last Monday.


Not much more than what the Telegraph writes. Tagesspiegel speaks of being informed by sources in "international security circles", while Daily Telegraph more concretely claims a source close to BND.


An alternative pedicurist in Kuršumlija? Ah well. As one commenter on B92 wrote, Bin Laden will be discovered to have worked for years in the Washington zoo feeding animals.

Daniel Durini said...

In the belgrade journal "Vreme", they speculate that just as Karadzic worked further in something related to his original profession (bioenergetic psychotherapy), Mladic has been probably selling fireworks in the Zeleni Venac market in Belgrade every christmas season during the past years (ha).