They say Harlan Sanders was not really a colonel

So, the continuing education of Radovan Karadžić included a spell at a private school for "bioenergetics" in Belgrade, where he received the title of "general for poisons, gold and minefield injuries" (I am not making this up). It was Mina Minić, the director of the school, who gave him the nickname "David" because, she says, he was very curious and wanted "to see" (da vidi) everything.

I am just posting stuff I read. I am not making it up. What makes you think I could make this up?

Update: Oops, sorry, gender confusion. Apparently Mina Minić is a dude. And here is (perhaps) a photo.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mina Minic is definitelly a dude:


Sarah Franco said...

I see that you linked my blog. Thanks :-)

By the way, I once put a comment saying that I didn't believe Karadzic would ever be arrested. I just love it when my pessimism is proven wrong.

Eric Gordy said...

Wow, Sarah, I dont think anyone expected him to be arrested.

Apologies for the lack of posting today. Some people came with a truck full of our furniture and kitchen toys from Boston.

DarkoV said...

"Da Vidi"?
I wish he did. It would have been a lot better for all of us.

Frank Sellin said...


Enjoying your coverage of the arrest.

FWIW, I just stumbled across this, thanks to the newsfeed in my blog:


Maybe you've seen corroborating info worth commenting on?

Happy blogging,

Eric Gordy said...

Hi Frank -- It looks like it's unclear whether Karadzic also used the identity of Petar Glumac, or whether the guy in Vienna was the real Petar Glumac:


It looks like the Austrian police think it wasn't Karadzic they came across. But this whole part of the story seems fairly unclear.

Anonymous said...

Timely wake-up call from Paddy Ashdown in The Observer:
While Dr Frankenstein goes off to The Hague his monster is doing well in Dr Dodik's diligent care.

Anonymous said...

BBC World Service say that the Karadzic appeal has been posted from a very remote post office in order to ensure maximum delay.