Man of many roles

Psychiatrist, poet, politician, killer, practitioner of hand-waving, necklace marketer, fugitive, musician, rider of buses to unknown destinations -- lawyer?


edinh said...

With so many of his recent roles now so sensationally exposed, it's worth setting the bioenergy practice and the meditation lectures in a wider context.

In my view, there is a section in his CV that is really worth extensive reflection. It deals with the 1992-1996 period and is neatly summarized in the 11 counts in his amended ICTY indictment. To me, that (and not so much the necklaces or the gusle) is what makes Karadzic such a striking figure.

A sample of his work:

Eric Gordy said...

The video to which Edin linked is documentary footage from the seige of Sarajevo, including footage and interviews with victims.

The point is taken, though of course we knew that, and it is the reason he is charged with grave violations of international humanitarian law before the ICTY.

eh said...

Yes, you're right --what's described in the charges is nothing new and is well known already, though still no less disturbing (I should add that about the linked video). I guess that after so many years of speculation on his whereabouts, anything he would have done in hiding would probably be fodder for more speculation and occasion for the already mentioned rush of vapid articles (thank you, Marcus Tanner) that make one wonder what's being written about here. Though there is something extra bizarre about his being a small-time necklace-selling "spiritual researcher".

btw, the updates are great! Much appreciated combination of wit and information

Anonymous said...

It's nothing new, except it all appears to have happened on another planet as far as retro-post-modernist opinion in the Western Balkans (and elsewhere) is concerned.