Adventures in law enforcement

It is not clear that the ban on smoking in enclosed public places has met with universal welcome in Italy. But regardless of whether you support the new regulation or not, you have to agree that the vigilante enforcement measures described in this BBC report are, ah, worthy of attention:

"A glamorous woman dressed in a white uniform and equipped with a water backpack bearing a smoke-busting logo twirls for the cameras. Then out into the street they march, a gaggle of journalists and interested onlookers following Italy's new anti-smoking Pied Piper through the bustling centre of Rome's night life.

'In here!' shouts the smokebuster, pausing outside the door. 'I can see smokers!'

They burst through into a tiny bar, which turns out to be more of a strip joint.

The semi-naked bodies gyrating on the tables do not take too kindly to being sprayed with water by the smokebuster. She retreats under chants of 'Legalise everything now! More cigarettes! More drugs!' from the bare table-dancing smokers."

Any criminologists out there who want to speculate on whether the water backpack method is likely to enhance compliance?

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